WordPress wp-admin redirect loop problem

WordPress redirect loop:

I have recently moved my wordpress site from one host to another, and experienced a redirection loop when trying to access wp-admin/ (wp-login.php). Ahead I share some steps to help anyone that accidentally face the same issue:

  1. The first thing you will note is a delay to access the login page, followed by a http message TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
  2. wordpress-redirection

  3. Use the Redirect Detective service to test if you are really experiencing a redirection loop.
  4. As next step check those items, and see if it come back to normal:
    • Access your WordPress database and check all entries from wp_options table, if option_value column has a wrong value for your site url. The most important lines are home and siteurl (option_name column), but maybe you have some plugin or template that have saved the old url, and it is important to check too.
    • The next thing to do is to verify if your .htaccess file is within the WordPress directory. I not try to retrieve this and put it in the WordPress root directory.
    • The last thing to do is to verify if the owner of the wordpress files are the same as your account. I recommend you access your WordPress directory by ssh and check if that is the case. If so, use the command above to change the owner for your site files:

That’s all.
Good luck, and Bye.